Who Pays For Home Care?

Many Health Insurance Policies pay for home care services, such as Original or Traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid, private insurances, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and others. Call us and we will help you find out what your insurance will pay for.


You can get help at home at No Cost to you if you have Original Medicare.


If you are hospitalized or in a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation center, ask for us by name, The Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Philadelphia. One of our home care nurses will contact you to be sure that your care is arranged at the time of discharge.

You may need us at any time if your care needs change. One example would be when your doctor makes changes to your medication and treatments that require teaching and monitoring at home. Another example would be help moving around and using a new walker or cane that was ordered by your doctor.

All you need to do is contact one of our caring professionals at 215-473-0772 or help@vnaphilly.org. We will help you get you the care that you need at home.