Interfaith Chaplain Support

Chaplain, Ann, playing her reverie harp for patients- using soothing sounds of music to calm and nourish the spirit.

Maybe spirituality or religion has always been a part of your everyday life; maybe it’s not something you believed in; maybe it’s something you’d like to explore now. Whatever your background, belief system, or even the reason you’ve chosen not to include it in your life, we are here for you. To talk, to listen, to sit quietly with you. We care for you.


Common Reasons for Interfaith Chaplain Support:


  • For emotional comfort and companionship
  • When facing ethical dilemmas or making important decisions
  • When feeling helpless or distressed
  • When wanting the comfort of prayer or rituals
  • When seeking solace through sacred writings
  • For assistance with reconciliation
  • To foster connection with the divine
  • For assistance with funeral/memorial services