FAQs and Tips

What are some reasons why I, or my loved one, might need Home Health Care?


To help you decide if you need help, just think about these questions.
  • Have you recently been discharged from a hospital?
  • Do you have health problems such as diabetes, heart or lung conditions, cancer or stroke?
  • Do you have difficulty taking a bath or getting around?
  • Do you see a doctor frequently?
  • Do you take several medications?
  • Are you confused about how to take your medications?
  • Have you changed medications lately?
  • Do your feet swell?
  • Do you get short of breath with little activity?
  • Do you have trouble walking or leaving home?
  • Do you have frequent hospitalizations or go to the emergency room often?
  • Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

If you or a loved one answered yes to any ONE of the questions contact us at 215-473-0772 or help@vnaphilly.org and we will talk to you about help at home.


Reasons you need VNA Philadelphia
  1. Returning home from the hospital, rehabilitation center or nursing home
  2. A new diagnosis
  3. Chronic conditions such as heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer
  4. Taking new medications, including injectables such as insulin
  5. Multiple medications
  6. Wounds, tubes, drains and special treatments that require care
  7. Depression, anxiety or any behavior health issues
  8. Need for rehabilitation, equipment, home safety and mobility

For more information contact us at 215-473-0772 or help@vnaphilly.org.


10 Tips for a Safer Home
  1. Maintain adequate lighting throughout the house. Use nightlights as needed.
  2. Secure electrical, phone and extension cords under furniture or out of the way.
  3. Only use rugs with a slip-resistant backing.
  4. Remove glass-top tables from walking areas.
  5. Pre-program important numbers into the telephone for easy access.
  6. Control clutter and remove furniture and objects not being used.
  7. Place flashlights throughout the house in case of a power outage.
  8. Keep medication in one central location that is easily accessible.
  9. Develop a plan for emergency exit.
  10. Prepare a bag with a listing of emergency contact information, medications, health care providers and health history in case of a medical emergency. Keep the bag near the telephone or the door.

For more information contact us at 215-473-0772 or help@vnaphilly.org.