Diabetes Prevention Program



VNA Philadelphia is now making milestones in Home Health and Palliative Care by providing comprehensive Diabetic Self-Managed Education and Training (DSMET).  Through the induction of the Diabetic Prevention Program (DPP) and Nationally Accredited DSMET Program, VNA Philadelphia can allocate the tools necessary for success in all 7-Self Cares defined by the American Association of Diabetic Educators (AADE):

  • Medications
  • Monitoring
  • Eating healthy
  • Staying active
  • Problem solving
  • Risk management
  • Coping skills


VNA services the diabetic client with a holistic and patient-centered approach to care utilizing community support through Philabundance, Caring for Friends, social work, population health, mental health services, and more.


At VNA Philadelphia we provide consultation services in the convenience of your own home where trust, empowerment and advocacy begin.  This foundation is one of the things that make us unique and different.  Additionally, our trained team of Certified Diabetic Educators disseminate education on a one-to-one basis.  Ongoing medical management can be coupled with our new innovative HELM program, which utilizes telemonitoring to manage blood glucose readings, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, heart rate, and daily weight.  Fluctuations in readings are promptly addressed by an RN and NP.   The blood sugar tracking diagram is faxed directly to the participating endocrinologist or PCP, making analysis and adjustments easy and convenient.


 Recently I had a life-threatening experience with my diabetes.  When I was released from the hospital, I was assigned a Diabetic Educator who showed me what I was doing wrong.
Through proper treatment & education, we [got] on the right track.
[Since then] my numbers have improved drastically for the better….
My blood sugars have been reduced from 300-400 to 100-130; HgA1c from 12.6% to 6.9%….
If I had this service in the beginning, I wouldn’t have had my brush with death.”

-VNA Participant



Diabetes Education at Home

Do your patients need additional diabetes education?
Our Diabetes Educators can provide education related to:

  • Disease process
  • Discussion of feelings and their impact on control of diabetes
  • Correct technique for monitoring blood sugars
  • Timing of blood sugar collections
  • HELM (Health Education and Lifestyle Management) Telemonitoring
  • Hypoglycemia symptoms and treatment
  • Hyperglycemia symptoms and treatment
  • HbA1c testing and meaning
  • Sick Day guidelines
  • Nutrition Basics: MyPlate method, portion control, carbohydrate counting
  • Complications of uncontrolled diabetes
  • Problem solving tools
  • Risk management skills
  • Coping skills and using the Diabetes Distress Scale