VNA Philadelphia Announces $65K Grant from the McLean Contributionship


Elwood Hungarter, RN, BSN, MS, Interim President and CEO of VNA Philadelphia announced today that the agency has been awarded a $65,000 grant for the purchase of laptops and workstations to help provide more compassionate care through better technology.


Hungarter notes that “the care of the highest quality that we pursue every single day is entirely dependent on state of the art hardware and software.”


New laptops and workstations will be of manifold benefits. Mostly, the new equipment will enable our team to take better care of people, be cost-effective for the agency, and enhance employee satisfaction (and the ensuing patient satisfaction). The new equipment is much lighter to carry for the clinicians to carry in their already-heavy clinical bags. The upgraded technology will also give the clinicians more opportunity to have more and higher quality interaction with patients and caregivers because data input would be faster.  We will see the number of clinical staff who come into the office with “old hardware issues” slow down substantially, which will enable them to spend more time with their patients.


The laptop upgrade for the clinical field staff will enhance and enable new features such as.

  • System startup is instant on versus a 1-2 minute boot time on the current equipment (at 6 patients a day we save 12 minutes per clinician, at 200 clinicians that’s 40 hours of time saving per day though out field staff)
  • Handwriting recognition and voice dictation are new features that will help staff improve efficiency and also make patient signature forms easy to sign with or without a digital pen.
  • Battery life on the new units will be greater than current equipment
  • Physical size of the surface’s is smaller and they are lighter the current equipment
  • Can be used as a laptop or just a tablet with the removable keyboard
  • Built in camera and video capable over wifi
  • Increased processing power will allow for the field staff to utilize new dashboard systems that will bring them a custom clinical dashboard to help them manage their day.  Our current laptop model is unable to utilize the new tools.

The new Surface will make a perfect accompaniment when the nurse is performing her visit making the unit an education tool that can show videos, education and other diagnosis specific media.